Monday, 7 March 2011

a day in the life of a make-up artist

Started the day with university then been looking forward to this Fair Trade and Vintage Fashion Show all day.I along with five other make-up artists did the make-up and hair, from a design I had drawn up:

The backstage make-up all begin in Leeds University in a cloakroom, the smallest place possible, rushing about applying funky lipsticks of the colours of orange, red, raspberry pink and black. There in total was ten models, but was so much fun.Hair boyish low ponytail, strand of hair wrapped around to hide bobble, quiff-curly top messy. 

us guys
(the make-up artists)
check us out @ model mayhem 
Left to right:
Zoe Peplow

Kate Porter
(no address currently)

then me (Rachael Warwick)

and last but not least
Rebecca Sands

All models clothes are from Pop Boutique,Leeds ; Vintage Wardrobe, Headingley and Blue Rinse, Leeds. 
(all borrowed and model chose)

make-up included: Mac black gel eyeliner used for the block eyebrows, and eyeliner on top eye lid, Mac foundation studio fix and powder, + Barry M lip orange colour shade.
love love favourite new model Annie Aveyard.

loved the show, contacted photographer, met lovely people, applied make-up, and hair, just generally had fun!
plus now I am in love with Jack Johnson - the 3 r's 

thank you please comment 
thats all for now 

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