Wednesday, 2 March 2011

second of spring

It is spring.......but yet it looks cold and miserable what happened to the weather. Yesterday it was bright and almost sunny. I don't know exactly what to wear should I wear my sleeveless panelled dress with tights and my coat or scrap that and no coat and where a blazer.
I only really like spring for the snowdrops, camel colour, easter eggs, pancake day and the ability to get out of boots and back to ballet pumps.
This currently means it will take 30 mins on deciding exactly what to wear. ugh. for daytime and uni.
hahahaha oops!

chosen outfit.

Wearing Zara striped long sleeved top £16 in the sale, Marks and Spencer £39.50 camel sleeveless panelled dress, Marks and Spencer black tights and ballet pumps and Primark £1.00 skinny black belt.
Had to wear my coat in the end :( 
It was freezing my fingers were ice cold.
But I bought some cute clothes 

 Primark grey moccasin shoes £10 so cheap and top kharki baggy crochet £8.00
I have been wanting some moccasin shoes for ages, and now I have got some I am tempted to go back and get the tan ones.

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